Oleo Cazorla

Oleo Cazorla is an extra virgin olive oil of Picual - Royal variety. The Royal variety has the peculiarity of being the only native variety of Sierra de Cazorla located in the province of Jaén. It is the only variety in the world that has a Protected Designation of Origin and therefore the olive juice that is obtained makes this variety unmatched on the palate. It is a very rare olive oil and it grants a high value since it has as its main organoleptic characteristic the intense aroma, fresh fruitiness evoking green grass and sweet aroma. The Royal variety is a variety of medium and constant production, although the olives provide low oil content.

Tasting note

The EVOO Oleo Cazorla on the nose presents an intense fruitiness made up of a large amount of herbaceous and fruit tones with smells of tomato, grass and banana. In the mouth is light, without bitterness and has a mild taste on the palate, leaving as first impression nuances of a certain sweetness and a spicy aftertaste at the end, which is combined with notes of pleasant flavour of ripe almond and fig. The aftertaste is outstanding but very delicate and late, which makes it to have great harmony and good persistence combined with Picual.