Wooden box with 3 bottles of Extra...

Wooden box with 3 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Oro Virgen Extra (2x250ml) + Oleo Cazorla (1x500ml)

VAT included

BRAND: Oro Virgen

Manufacturing Company: Exportadora Andaluza de Aceites S.L.

Denomination: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Variety: Picual.

Production Zone: Sierra de Cazorla Region.

Harvest:Early. First days of November.

Extraction: Cold, at a temperature below 25 ºC.

BRAND: Oleo Cazorla

Manufacturing Company:   Exportadora Andaluza de Aceites S.L.

Production Zone:Sierra de Cazorla Region.

Extraction: Cold, at a temperature below 25 ºC.

Certifications: DO Sierra de Cazorla and Certified Quality.


The liter comes out at € 22,59



ORO VIRGEN Extra is an extra virgin olive oil, Picual variety of highest quality, from a selection of olives harvested between November and December (veraison), extracted at low temperature, and which results in our greatest achievement in obtaining a wonderful juice made of olives. Fruity with slight bitterness and spiciness in a balanced way, it derives an unmatched flavour and a high level of natural antioxidants (vitamin E and phenolic compounds), especially beneficial for health.

Extra virgin olive oil of Picual variety, fruity with slight bitterness and spicy in a balanced way but with an incomparable flavor.

HEALTH:The Picual variety has a high level of natural antioxidants (vitamin E and phenolic compounds), carotenoids and oleic acid that make it especially beneficial for health.

TASTING NOTE: Extra virgin olive oil of PICUAL variety, with an olive green color.

On the nose: medium-high intensity fruitiness. It stands out for its freshness and aroma with a predominance of green leaves. In addition, it presents nuances reminiscent of freshly cut grass, with notes of tomato and fig in harmony.

In the mouth: it offers a medium-low intensity that combines bitterness and spiciness in a balanced way. Once it is a mountain olive oil, it is usually sweeter. The more accentuated fresh leaf profile is perceived again, with a greater permanence of flavors and a slight bitterness of mild astringency.

To taste is to appreciate, to analyze through the organs of the senses the qualities of a product. In tasting it is essential to memorize these impressions and express what it feels like.


The variety ROYAL has the peculiarity of being the only native variety of the Sierra de Cazorla located in the region of Jaén, it is also the only variety in the world that has a Denominación de Origen Protegida, , which makes it unique to the palate. It is a very scarce olive oil with a very high value , which the main organoleptic characteristic is the intense aroma, fresh fruity evoking green grass and sweet aroma.


The EVOO OLEO CAZORLAin the nose has an intense fruity composed of many herbaceous and fruitiness tones with scents of tomato, herb and banana.

In the mouth: it is light, without bitterness, with a mild taste and not aggressive on the palate, leaving first impression nuances of a certain sweetness and a spicy aftertaste at the end that is combined with notes of pleasant flavour of ripe almond, fig and vanilla flavor.

The aftertaste:spicy at the end is more prominent, but very delicate and delayed, that results in a great harmony and good lastingness combined with the Picual.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (Average value per 100g)

Energy value: 3700 kJ / 900 kcal

Fat: 100g Of which

Saturated: 12g
Monounsaturated: 80g
Poliunsaturated: 8g

Carbohydrates:0g. Of which

Sugars: 0g
Polyalcohols: 0g
Starch: 0mg

Dietary Fibre: 0g

Proteins: 0g

Salt: 0g

Vitamin E: 30 mg (250% VRN)*

Vitamin E: 300 µg (37,5% VRN)*

*Nutrients Reference Value

Type of oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Picual / Royal
Filtered out
Filtered out

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